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Phares lectures at the Heritage Foundation on the new book "War of Ideas: Jihadism against Democracy"

Walid Phares presented "The War of Ideas: Jihadism against Democracy" at the Heritage Foundation on February 27, 2007. In this pre-launching event, the author explains why he wrote the book and how it will affect the debate on the War on Terror.

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           THE WAR OF IDEAS
                               Jihadism against Democracy
In the bookstores
From Afghanistan and Iraq to Europe and the United States we are engaged in one of the most heated wars of all time. In this incisive new book, the man that has been called--the only one to understand the mind of the jihadist--shows that the most important battle is actually taking place in the hearts and minds of the world's population. This is the war of ideas, where ideology is the most powerful weapon of all. Phares explores the beliefs of two opposing camps, one standing for democracy and human rights, and the other rejecting the idea of an international community and calling for jihad against the West. He reveals the strategies of both sides, explaining that new technologies and the growing media savvy of the jihadists have raised the stakes in the conflict. And most urgently, he warns that the West is in danger of losing the war, for whereas debate and theorizing rarely translate into action here, ideas and deeds are inextricably linked for the forces of jihad.
                                              Editorial Reviews
"Phares . . . is a voice of calm and reason. . . . Provocative reading."
--Kirkus Reviews
 "Walid Phares has long been among the most knowledgeable and incisive scholars of the Middle East--its peoples, its cultures, its religions, and its radical movements."
--U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman
"The work of Professor Walid Phares is a beacon that helps us to see and understand the extent of the Jihadist threat the World is facing. Nobody who reads his analysis will have any doubt left about the existential peril posed by the radical Islamists and Jihadi terrorists to democracies. A must read."
--Jose Maria Aznar, Former Prime Minister of Spain
 "Dr. Phares's knowledge of the War of Ideas and the complex conflicts of the Greater Middle East is exceptional. His ability to communicate intellectually among various cultures is noted regionally and internationally."
--Dr. Barham Salih, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq
 "If you want to understand the War of Ideas being waged by Jihadists, Walid Phares is your man."
--U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick; Co-chair, Counter-Terrorism Caucus, US House of Representatives.
 "Dr. Walid Phares shows us clearly who is waging the War of Ideas and what their goals are. His book is a pioneering work in history and politics. It shows clearly how Jihadism has become a strategic threat to democracy worldwide."
--Paulo Casaca, Chairman of the NATO commission to the European Parliament
Networks Experts
 "Professor Walid Phares's The War of Ideas is a must read on the geopolitics of the war on terror. His book puts fifty years of Cold War and Jihadi offensives against democracies in an ultimate global perspective. This is a central resource for classrooms, newsrooms, and war rooms."
--Col. Kenneth Allard, USA (Ret.), former dean of the National War College, NBC Defense Analyst, and author of War Heads
"This book is a 'must read' for those who want to understand the jihad radical Islamists are waging against democracies. Walid Phares has a gift for being able to identify the root causes of the war and what the West and the free world must do to prevail."
--Oliver North, host of FOX News's "War Stories"
 "Walid Phares understands the conflict between Jihadism and democracy and explains it like no one else. The War of Ideas is a must have for the public and decision-makers alike."
--Ret. Colonel Jack Jacobs, NBC Military Analyst, Lecturer at West Point, and author of Medal of Honor
"Walid Phares is the leading expert on the War of Ideas between Jihadism and democracy. His book is a must read for all."
--Alireza Jafarzadeh, Fox News analyst and author of The Iran Threat
  "Professor Phares is the leading analyst of the War of Ideas. His ability to see through the strategies and moves of the Jihadists in their quest to crumble democracies is unparalleled. This book will change your way of seeing the war on terror."
--Dr. Jacob Keryakes, NBC Senior Arabic Linguist
Journalists and commentators 
"Walid Phares is both an incisive scholar and a skilled communicator. His insights into the psychologies and pathologies of the Middle East are unrivaled."
--Clifford D. May, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
 "Walid Phares makes a compelling case for why winning the War of Ideas is indispensable to winning the war on terrorism, and he points the way toward how to do so. It is a must read not only for policy makers and those who advise them, but for everyone with a stake in the fight of our generation."
--Clark Kent Ervin, former Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security and author of Open Target: Where America is Vulnerable to Attack
 "The Jihadists began their War of Ideas against democracies decades ago. Walid Phares's book is a unique analysis of the roots and future of this terror campaign against the free world."
--Magdi Khalil, Egyptian journalist,
"Democracy is locked in an existential struggle with Jihadism and Walid Phares' voice is one of our wisest.  It is crucial that it be heard. Dr. Phares understands like no one else the depth of Jihadi ideologies and how they have developed long-term strategies to counter and crumble free societies, both in the West and among young rising democracies in the Middle East."
--Richard W. Carlson, US Ambassador (ret.), former Director of Voice of America, former President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
"Dr. Walid Phares is the leading authority on the War of Ideas between totalitarian forces and the rising democracies in the Greater Middle East. His profound understanding of radical ideologies and pluralist societies makes his scholarship unique in the West and the Arab and Muslim world alike. His book is a must read."
--Munir Mawari, Washington correspondent, Asharq Alawsat daily Arabic newspaper
"For twenty-five years, Walid Phares's writing and public speaking have shown a deep, masterful knowledge of both Western and Islamic cultures. As an Arab Muslim reformer I admire his leading ability to understand and explain the war of ideas between radicalism and democracies."
--Omran Salman, Director of the Arab Reformists Project, Bahrain
 "I have followed and respected Dr. Walid Phares' academic work and reasoned commentary for years. He has a unique ability to articulate the central ideological conflict in the struggle against Jihadism. Dr. Phares consistently stands out as an invaluable resource and authentic voice in the global effort to understand exactly who the enemies of democracy are, what they believe, and how we can defeat them. The book is a must read."
--Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Chairman, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
 "As an Arab Muslim academic from Jordan I have witnessed Professor Walid Phares engaging in powerful debates with intellectuals from both the West and the Arab Muslim world. His knowledge of both cultures gives him the ability to understand and explain the War of Ideas between radicalism and democracy.
This book is needed by the public."
--Professor Shaker Nabulsi, Chairman, American Interuniversity Consortium (AIC) for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
 "Those who believe that the war between radical Islamism and everybody else is about 'oil' or 'the Israeli occupation' or the insults of nineteenth-century colonialism need to read this book, and think again. No one knows more about the ideology of jihad than Walid Phares, who has been watching it and studying it for 25 years, and no one can afford to be ignorant of the things that Walid Phares knows. The War of Ideas is an indispensable guide to the world’s most dangerous political problem."
--Dennis Hale, Associate Professor of Political Science, Boston College
 "Walid Phares has an uncanny ability to encapsulate and explain clearly the central issues in the confrontation between the civilized world and the violent radicals who threaten it. In so doing he reminds us why our civilization is worth defending."
--Dr. James S. Robbins, National Defense University
 "Walid Phares provides considerable insight into the strategy and operational tactics of radical Islamists. With his considerable knowledge of Middle East history and politics as well as of terrorist strategies, Dr. Phares is uniquely able to sort through the considerable noise so often generated in the media and academia. His analysis is refreshingly clear and cogent, and not only experts but general readers will gain from his observations."
--Dr. George L. Simpson, Jr. Professor of History, High Point University
 "Professor Walid Phares is teaching the world about one of the greatest threats in history. Only a mind equally immersed in two civilizations and their ideologies can produce a book like The War of Ideas."
--Dr. Franck Salameh, Professor of Arab Culture, Boston College. 
  "With his book The War of Ideas, Professor Walid Phares has become the third global teacher on the Jihadi conflict with democracy, along with Samuel Huntington and Bernard Lewis. His new book gives crucial answers never provided before to classrooms and the public. It is a benchmark contribution to comparative politics."
--Dr. Robert Rabil, Professor of Middle East Studies and director of
Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science, Florida Atlantic University
"Phares's Future Jihad is among the most insightful books about the nature of this global threat I have ever read. Its lessons are not to be ignored by free societies. Phares's contribution to our understanding of the War of Ideas between Jihadism and democracy is unique."
--Daniel B. Kennedy, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, University of Detroit Mercy

"The War of Ideas is a crucial battleground in the global war with Jihadi terrorism. Democracies must wage this ideological struggle with keen intelligence and relentless determination. Walid Phares's new book sets out a strategic plan for success. It is essential reading, and is highly recommended."
--Dr. Joseph Morrison Skelly, Department of History, College of Mount Saint Vincent

                                        Book Description

In the War of Ideas, Walid Phares (an expert on Jihadism, Terrorism and the clash of civilizations) draws the bigger picture of the world conflict we're in today. He answers the deeper questions of why is there a confrontation between the various Jihadi (Islamist) groups and democracies in many countries and on many continents.
Is there a link between the 9/11 attacks on America, the Genocide in Darfur, Ahmedinijad's nuclear threats, the Madrid and London explosions and the beheadings in Iraq's Sunni triangle? Are all these declarations made on al Jazeera TV, HizbAllah's al Manar TV and on the Salafists web sites all part of a greater war we aren't able to see clearly? Is it about the West's foreign policies or is it about crushing democracies in the Middle East? Is Bin Laden seeking revenge against Western colonialism or is he aiming at building a lethal Caliphate, a Taliban empire with nuclear bombs? Phares attempts to answer many crucial questions from own world politics and terrorism. But beyond the daily dramatic news and the "cacophony of talking heads." the author of the best seller Future Jihad enter the minds behind the War on Terror: He describes the greater war of ideas between Jihadism as a global phenomenon and Democracies in their wide diversities.
Table of Content of War of Ideas
Chapter One: The Historical Debate
Have we engaged in the right debates? Were we led to believe that we (America and Democracies) are wrong and they (Jihadists and authoritarians) are right?
Chapter Two: The anti-Democracy axis
Salafists, Wahabis, Khomeinists, Baathists, etc against all Democracies
Chapter Three: Irreconcilable Views
Can Jihadism and Democracies reconcile?
Chapter Four: The Jihadi War on International Principles
Jihadism is against all what humanity has agreed for the last three centuries
Chapter Five: The Assault on Pluralism
Jihadism rejects political parties, freedoms, reforms..
Chapter Six: Democracy's Pillars under Attack
Jihadism opposes all what a free society stands for
Chapter Seven: Gender Apartheid
Jihadism segregates women and represses them 
Chapter Eight: The First War of Ideas 1945-1990
While we were confronting the Soviets, they waited out the Cold War
Chapter Nine: Battles over Minds: The Second War of Ideas 1990-2001
The Jihadists penetrated our systems and national education
Chapter Ten: The Clash of Futures: The Third War of Ideas 2001-2007
The Jihadist propaganda machine thrust through the West and delay democracy in the East
Chapter Eleven: The War on Learning
From the classroom to the newsroom, court room and war room..
Chapter Twelve: Inflaming Hearts and Fooling Minds
Mobilizing the Arab and Muslim world and demobilizing the West and Democracies
Chapter Thirteen: War on the Messengers
From voices in the wilderness to warriors of ideas 
                                                        SHORT BIO
Dr Phares was born in Beirut and educated on three continents: Middle East, Europe and North America. He has authored eight books and hundreds of articles and lectures worldwide. Dr Phares was a Professor of Comparative Politics and Middle East Studies at Florida Atlantic University between 1993 and 2006. He is currently teaching at National Defense University. He testifies to and briefs the US Congress, State, DOD, DHS, DOJ, the European Parliament and the United Nations Security Council. Dr Phares was a Terrorism Analyst for MSNBC between 2003 and 2006) and is currently a Fox News Contributor. He appears on CNN, BBC, C-Span, al Jazeera, al Hurra, al Arabiya, Sky News, CBC, and many other networks worldwide. He is a frequent commentator on national and international radio shows.  
His last book, Future Jihad, is a Foreign Affairs best seller.
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